MonitoredTech to offer Cloud-Based Care Monitoring for Temporary COVID-19 Treatment Facilities

Wireless tech enables real-time monitoring of thousands of care devices in stadiums, hotels

or other locations

East Meadow, NY, March 20, 2020 – As medical care facilities run out of room to diagnose and treat COVID-19 patients, providers will be looking to employ stadiums, college dorms and other available temporary space to serve the onslaught of new cases. MonitoredTech, an established provider of IoT, low power connectivity, today announced its solution for wireless monitoring of assets and environmental security for off campus medical facilities.

“These temporary treatment centers can now benefit from real-time monitoring platforms that can be essential to critical care. MonitoredTech can place a small CloudCell gateway on site, capable of monitoring thousands of devices up to a three-mile radius,” explained Zsolt Sapy, Chief Commercial Officer, MonitoredTech.

Monitored Tech is partnering with SafeKard LLC to deliver the safety element of its solution for healthcare staff who will be working in these unfamiliar care locations. “We’re pleased to be part of this solution through our technology partnership, to help make the environment a secure one for healthcare workers,” said Phil Levers, Managing Director, SafeKard LLC. In collaboration with MonitoredTech, SafeKard LLC will support monitoring of wearable ID badges that have built-in panic/assistance buttons for the safety of these healthcare workers.

Hospital ships, tent facilities and other solutions are expected to be deployed as the U.S. exceeds the available care space that will be needed to treat all COVID-19 cases. Published data estimates the shortfall could be as much as 17 patients for one available bed. Also, the regular flu season is still winding down, adding to the caseload. “It’s the perfect storm and the solution will be these temporary facilities,” said Sapy.

MonitoredTech can answer one needed aspect of this historic medical care crisis. Its solution can be rolled out in hours instead of weeks and runs on wireless, battery powered devices that can last for years. "Not having to run a single wire makes the MonitoredTech System simple to install and very affordable. The range of their gateways is just amazing and they were able to secure three schools in less than a week, which would have taken more than a month using traditionally wired hardware,” said James Ristano, Director of Facilities and Operations, Port Washington Union Free School District.

At the temporary medical care facilities, MonitoredTech can be used for:

  • Wireless nurse-call buttons that can be easily deployed and monitored with push notifications, SMS and auto-calls as well as live screen monitoring.

  • Temporary installation of wireless, battery powered smoke and carbon monoxide detectors that can be remotely monitored.

  • Small battery powered asset trackers can be placed on laptops, IV pumps, ventilators and other assets that need to be located in real time.

  • Temperature and humidity monitoring to preserve the correct environment for pharmaceuticals.

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About MonitoredTech

MonitoredTech began as part of American Security Technologies, founded in 1979. AST grew organically and through acquisition to more than 30,000 monitored systems. In 2016, AST sold the UL certified central station monitoring center but retained two companies as building blocks that lead to the development of the MonitoredTech IoT Platform.

The MonitoredTech business model combines professional monitoring services with wireless, battery powered smart devices, connected through low power wide area networks. The result is a low cost, easy to install, end to end solution that provides actionable data through client-specific dashboards and notifications.

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About SafeKard LLC

SafeKard LLC is a privately held company that holds numerous intellectual property patents combining SOS location and access control technology in a personal wearable device. We are committed to improving personal safety at high school, college, university and corporate campuses, hospitals, medical centers, and assisted living facilities. Our focus, and our mission, is to provide economical, user-accessible solutions that operate standalone or in conjunction with existing mass notification systems.

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