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Our vision is to create a safe environment and peace of mind for every student and employee. 

Who are we?

Here at SafeKardTM, we know that nothing is more valuable than life. 

We provide a secure, wearable, ID badge holder with a built-in panic button.  This patented device was developed to allow emergency responders real-time location monitoring of its users when the panic button is pressed.  Once activated, SafeKardTM sends the user’s information and location until help arrives. 

SafeKardTM, LLC is a privately held company that holds numerous intellectual property patents combining SOS location and access control technology in a personal wearable device. We are committed to improving personal safety at high school, college, university and corporate campuses, hospitals, medical centers, and assisted living facilities. 

Our focus, and our mission, is to provide economical, user-accessible solutions that operate standalone or in conjunction with existing mass notification systems, including the LoRaWAN network on which SafeKardTM is based.  

The LoRa technology is growing rapidly and is being used to power the Internet-of-Things, or IoT around the world.  It is already being used in over 100 countries and can be found in over 85 million products.  It is the future of long-range, low-power and affordable communication solutions.  Analysts estimate that by 2025, there will be 27 billion IoT connections and the value of this industry will reach approximately $3 trillion dollars.  At least 10% of those devices will be powered by LoRa technology.  The time to learn about and use LoRa is now!

How SafeKardTM keeps you safe!

Our vision is to create a safe environment and peace of mind for every student and employee. 

SIA New Product Showcase Awards

Established in 1979, The New Product Showcase Awards recognize innovative physical security products, services, and solutions. 

Emergency Communication Systems Award 

Winner – SafeKardTM: Neosen Energy


SafeKardTM in Action

SafeKard in Schools | SafeKard
SafeKard in Hospitality | SafeKard
SafeKard in Hospitals | SafeKard
Safekard at work| SafeKard
  • What is SafeKard?
    SafeKard is a wearable ID badge key card holder with a built-in panic button.
  • How does SafeKard work?
    SafeKard uses a long-range, low-power protocol, coupled with custom hardware and proprietary software to immediately locate and identify the person and any pertinent information. This is accomplished utilizing a secure network without a cell phone or GPS.
  • Who does SafeKard contact?
    SafeKard is completely customizable. It is typically programmed to contact emergency personnel or first responders through an on-site mass notification system.
  • What powers SafeKard?
    SafeKard has a rechargeable battery coupled with custom hardware and proprietary software. Depending on usage, the battery typically lasts 5 months before requiring a wireless recharge.
  • Does the signal work in buildings or underground?
    While walls, floors, doors and other building materials can seriously limit the range of a signal, the 900 MHz frequency spectrum is not affected as much as higher gigahertz frequencies. Any deficiencies in coverage can be compensated by installing additional low cost equipment.
  • What is NFC enabled?
    NFC stands for Near Field Communication. It is what allows the SafeKard to read the ID badge as it is inserted into the bracket where the information is stored.
  • What does IP67 mean?
    SafeKards internal circuitry is protected from dust and against the effect of immersion in water up to 1 meter (3.3 feet) for up to 30 minutes.
  • What is free-air charging?
    SafeKard can be recharged wirelessly through a charging pad.
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