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Notable News: "Editorial: Student death shows IFC fraternities are unsafe and need to change"

To read the full article from The Washington Post click here.

Safety on University Campus' is a priority here at SafeKard™, that's why news like this is so disheartening to hear. Which is why our vision is to create a safe environment and peace of mind for every student no matter what school they attend. We hope to do this by providing simple, effective personal security solutions using next-generation technology like SafeKard™.

Here is an excerpt from the Editorial Board at San Diego State University's paper The Daily Aztec displaying the concern students have for the safety of their Campus. "Sometimes suspensions are just not enough... it is impossible not to consider the number of cases that go unreported or undiscovered throughout SDSU’s fraternity system. The level of secrecy surrounding SDSU’s Greek community is, frankly, concerning. The reality is, this is a worst-case scenario and it must be treated as such. We would love to see Greek life survive and prosper long into the future, but we hope the same for our students. People, not organizations, come first and foremost.When a student leaves their family to join ours at SDSU, they should be protected.

No student should have to worry about not surviving through their graduation date."

To continue reading the article click here.


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