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Notable News: Trial set in lawsuit accusing Merced school officials of mishandling sexual harassment

By Vikaas Shanker October 22, 2019

To read the full article from The Washington Post click here.

Safety on any Campus' is a priority here at SafeKard™, we believe every student and teacher should feel safe and secure while at school . Which is why our vision is to create a safe environment and peace of mind for everyone no matter what school they attend. We hope to do this by providing simple, effective personal security solutions using next-generation technology like SafeKard™.

Here is an excerpt from an article written by Vikaas Shanker at the Merced Star-Sun that shows an example of why safe environments in schools are so essential to ensure a conducive learning environment for all " An independent investigation requested by the school district found that celebrated Golden Valley High boys varsity basketball coach Keith Hunter slapped Delgado’s buttocks and remarked to her about her breasts and legs during a Merced High School Boosters’ Hall of Fame event on March 25, 2017, according to a letter of reprimand by the school district."

To continue reading the article click here.


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